Wild Horse Tour - June 8, 2019 by Audry van Aken

Infectious Enthusiasm is the only way to describe the reaction from our group of tour participants on June 8. We saw plenty of horses, lots of new foals and a whole lot of Alberta weather. But we laughed our way through the day! It was great to see these wild horses through the eyes of photographers who have not encountered them before. For many, this is a bucket list item and we are always happy to share whatever we can with people.

Thank you to two of our tour participants, Josef and Elizabeth, for these photos that they captured from the day!

Spring Mudapolooza at Jensen Ranch in Water Valley by Audry van Aken

A wet and coldish weekend at Jensen’s Spring Mudapolooza over the May long weekend, but some great action and we got a lot of images. We are so happy to be a sponsor for this event this year. Thank you to all of the drivers, co-drivers, mechanics, families, volunteers and spectators for making this such fun family event. And thank you to Cody Jensen and Family for putting on such a top-notch event!

For any drivers wanting us to setup a gallery for them, please contact us at Audry.MVPS@gmail.com. Thank you and we’ll see you in July!!!!

Northern Lights in the Valley by Janelle Holod

A few nights ago we were bringing the horses in from the field when this was waiting for us 😊. Love living here.  #lifeinthevalley #myblessedlife#mountainviewphotographicservices #aurora#albertafoothills #northernlights #watervalley

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